Business consultants and marketing managers everywhere are constantly urging small businesses to use social media to engage with potential customers - and it’s smart advice. At 214 Interactive, we recommend the same to all of our clients.


However, without the proper knowledge and tools, you may be making some huge mistakes in your social media interactions. Here are 4 social media mistakes to avoid now:


Mistake #1: Too Much Straight Advertising

Social media is a chance to engage with your audience in new and interesting ways. Provide content that appeals to them – not just advertisements about sales, products, etc. While those are all good things, too much of that can leave a follower feeling used and bored with your company, causing you to lose a chance at future sales.


Mistake #2: Too Few Posts or Interactions

While too much straight advertising and promotion is a bad thing, not posting enough is also not smart! It’s important to note that some platforms – particularly Facebook – will stop ranking business pages highly in the user’s “feed” if he or she is not interacting with that company. Which means, if you aren’t posting and giving followers an opportunity to interact, they may begin to see less of your business page period.

Customer service responsiveness is also a big part of this. As followers are engaged on social media around the clock, they may seek to reach out to you via social media with customer service concerns. Be sure to follow-up with each and every one of these issues – good or bad.


Mistake #3: Not Including a Call-to-Action

At the end of the day, the goal of these interactions is to close a sale. While posting your site’s URL in a post is great, a personalized URL about the subject you are discussing is even better! Say you had a social media post about a new manufacturing facility. Instead of just showing a picture and telling people to check it out via your homepage, post something like – “Take a tour of our new facility!” – and have a personalized URL included. These simple calls-to-action help capture leads and lead to conversions.


Mistake #4: Social Media Overload

Having a presence on every social media outlet may spread your resources too thin and leave gaps in content. Choose to either focus on 3 or 4 sites you can really excel at or hire a dedicated digital advertising agency.


214 Interactive can help you with all of these things and more! Our team lives and breathes social media marketing and can take the framework you have to the next level. Call our digital advertising team in Dallas, Texas today to set up a consultation.

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