Instagram is making some changes and providing advertisers with many more powerful tools.  Some of these tools include interest and demographic targeting, an API for managing huge campaigns, and buttons including “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign Up”.  In the past Instagram ads were mostly used for big brands who wanted users to remember who they are.  Now it will be better for direct marketers who want you to do or purchase something.  Interest targeting will be based on what you like on Facebook or follow on Instagram

The obvious change for Instagram users will be the new formats.  There will be button like objects that appear below the image.  You will be prompted to buy a product, install an app, or sign up for a service.  When you click on the buttons you will still remain in the Instagram app, it will open in a mini-browser, and once you are done it will return you back to Instagram

Instagram wants to be sure that this advertising is available to all businesses both big and small.  In order to do this they will combine Instagram and Facebook’s ad-buying tools, and create an Instagram Ads API.  This will allow heavy advertisers to program and control a lot of their ad details and targeting options for what works best, rather than having to manually control it all. 

This is exciting news and if you want to learn more about this and how to best manage your business online give us a call at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas