The older you get, the quicker birthdays seem to sneak up on you.  214 Interactive turned 1 last week and we utterly missed it.   The fact that one of our mothers had to remind us of it doesn't mean we are old.  It means we are too preoccupied building a company to order balloons and cookies.  Turns out starting a new company can be time-consuming and distracting.   

They say the first year in business is the hardest.  Or...maybe that's marriage.  Either way, when you make a life-altering, "am-I-really-doing-this" decision to make such a major move; excitement can cloud your assessment of risk.  Your mind is on your dreams, the details, and the delivery (still using both analogies).  You've heard horror stories from people around you who have tried and failed. Terms such as "downsizing", "counseling", "divorce", "bankruptcy" are tossed aside in your mind. Those people aren't as smart as you.  Your idea is different.  Your partner is trustworthy.  You're going to do everything in your power to make it work.  Failure is not an option!!!  

Happy 1st Birthday, 214i!

Happy 1st Birthday, 214i!

The divorce rate in America is 57%, and the failure of businesses in the services industry is 55%. 

We at 214 Interactive are thankful.  We have clients that trust us, friends who support us, family who loves us, a nifty office space, and a BETA of a new product which is proving to be a game-changer.  A

We have expanded our service offerings to include custom web design, behavioral marketing, retargeting, mobile websites, and more which we package neatly with our Reputation Management & Social Marketing programs.   

In marriage they say after 7 years, you know you've made it.  We are 1.  And we are proud to say we've made it.  

Oh, send us cookies.