In 2015, Google Plus was updated and removed a large amount of information from the business pages.  Used to there was a business description, photos, and other categories that distracted viewers but now they only see your business name, address, phone number, and your reviews. 

Stats show us that consumers trust reviews even if they are from strangers.  Therefore, bad reviews can really hurt your business.  Many websites, possibly even yours, has a testimonials page where you post reviews.  Unfortunately, consumers do not care to view your testimonials page – stats will show that really the only people visiting your testimonials page are your own employees.  Consumers want to read your reviews, but they want to get them from an unbiased third-party site.  Everyone knows that testimonial pages on business websites are only filled with the greatest reviews.  People want to see any bad reviews and see how your respond or deal with those situations. 

Instead of having a testimonials page, you can create a reviews page that will link out to various review sites.  By replacing your testimonials and linking out to well known review sites you will be providing a useful page that your customers will visit frequently. 

Begin 2016 with a useful and beneficial reviews page and get your customers engaged.  At 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas we can provide you more useful tips to ensure you have a successful year in 2016.  Give us a call today at 866-466-2144.