The results of the 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey are in, and below are some of the main points and takeaways. 

Google’s local search algorithm is improving

Overtime there has been a gradual trend towards Google rewarding quality in every area.  This includes everything from links to reviews. More and more companies are focusing on keyword-location-relevant title tags, site architecture, and Google My Business pages, quality and authority are really what set you apart within the competitive market.

Google+ influence on local results has declined

Some of this decline is due to the fact that the links to Google+ pages from maps have been removed. 

Behavioral signals are increasing in importance

Experts judged behavioral and/or mobile signals to make up 9.5% of the algorithm across pack and localized organic results.  This number is up 38% compared with last year's 6.9%.

In localized organic results, click through rate was judged higher than normal, named as one of the top ten factors for the first time.  Many people say that additional behavioral factors beyond click through rate are important.  These include post-click time spent on-site or pogosticking. 

Citations are important – but you should focus on quality and consistency

Citations went from 15.5% to 13.6% as a general ranking factor.  Citation quality and consistency remain top-five factors for both pack results and in competitive markets.

This information is great and this feedback can be used to better your companies SEO and SEM.  Is your business utilizing local search engine marketing effectively? At 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas we can help to be certain your business is best utilizing its online reputation.  Let our team, work to improve the quality and authority of your local search.  We will do what it takes to really set you apart in this competitive market.