On the 10th anniversary of "thefacebook", I thought this infographic of last year's Facebook stats was particularly interesting.  Some highlights:

2013 Facebook Stats

  1. 20 billion minutes per day is the collective amount of time spent on Facebook by users world wide in June 2013. That is 8.3 hours per month per user.
  2. Facebook had 1.19 billion active monthly users by the end of the Q3 last year.
  3. 67% of all American internet users use Facebook. In the UK it is 82%.
  4. 83% of all 18-29 year olds use Facebook in the USA.
  5. 73% of all Internet users in the $75,000 plus salary range use Facebook.
  6. 4.75 billion items are shared each day on Facebook.
  7. 40 pages are liked per user.
  8. 66% of of total social media sharing is from the Facebook iPhone app.
  9. Top U.S. check-in was Disneyland at Anaheim in California -- and of local interest, Rangers Ballpark is #6 on the list!
  10. The number one life event reported by Facebook users is “adding a relationship”.
2013 Facebook Stats from topmarketingschools.net/facebook

2013 Facebook Stats from topmarketingschools.net/facebook