5 Ways to Create Holiday Facebook Ads that Work


5 Ways to Create Holiday Facebook Ads that Work

It’s a busy season for advertisers and hopefully the Black Friday sales were good to you.

If your sales weren’t quite where you wanted them, it’s not too late to make adjustments to your digital marketing strategy! Cyber Week may be over, but there is still another month of holiday retail sales to be had. At 214 Interactive, one of the key areas we recommend our clients advertise is with Facebook ads, and here are 5 ways to create holiday Facebook ads that work:


1.    Create Urgency

Remind your potential customers that these sales won’t last long. A great way to do this with holiday Facebook ads is to use phrases like “limited stock available,” “hurry, today only!”, “offer good for the first X to purchase,” and “last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery.”

2.    Use Special Holiday Messaging

Everyone is in the gift-giving mindset, so make sure your messaging copy triggers their desire to buy. During the holidays, the goal is for the customer to see your item as a gift-giving opportunity – and less about getting them to buy it for themselves. Phrases like “great stocking stuffer” or “it’s the perfect gift” are great at converting.

3.    Use Facebook Targeting

Facebook has some great tools for targeting different audiences with your holiday Facebook ads. Strategize about which audiences should see which messages for maximum conversion. If one group has purchased X product recently, then showing them ads for a complimentary product would be wise. Also – be aware of who has visited your website recently, as those potential customers may be gift shopping and be different than your normal audience. 

4.    Be Mindful of Facebook Objectives

Facebook allows you to select various objectives for your holiday Facebook ads – and they play a key role in who sees your ads. While brand awareness ads have their place, this is the time of year for sales, so make sure your objectives clearly state that. 

5.    Track Your Ads

It may be tedious, but tracking your holiday Facebook ads throughout the next month will help you get the most bang for your buck. Be aware of which campaigns are working – and which are not. Make adjustments to maximize sales and finish the year strong.


Need help with holiday Facebook advertising? It’s not too late! Call us at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today. 



Now is the Time to Get your Holiday Paid Search Strategy in Place

Think you’re just going to reinstate the same paid search strategy you had last holiday season and call it a day? 

Think again.

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and 214 Interactive - the best digital advertising agency in Plano, Texas - has a pulse on what your business needs to do this holiday season to set itself apart during the holiday madness. Here are a pointers on what to think about when refreshing your holiday paid search strategy for the 2018 holiday season:

Set a Budget

Setting a budget can be daunting, but it’s imperative to know how much you have to spend on paid search. These numbers can always be adjusted throughout the holiday season if you see a positive response from a certain ad, or cut short if another is underperforming. 

Identify Seasonal Keywords

Sure, your traditional list of keywords is still valid, but during the holiday season, you may be missing the mark if you fail to incorporate seasonal keywords that your customers may be searching for. Google Keyword Planner is an excellent resource when it comes to identifying words that are relevant to your business during certain sales periods.

holiday shopping online digital strategy holiday paid search 214 interactive plano texas.png

Plan Promotions Wisely

What is the #1 thing people are looking for during the holiday shopping season? A sale! Customers are expecting a deal during the November and December shopping months, so carefully think through what promotional schedule and offers work best for your business. Research what competitors did last year to get a pulse on what they might have planned for this year. Be sure your offers are thoughtful, inspiring, and carefully timed to maximize conversions and engagement. 

Track Your Results

Throughout the campaign period, analyze the data to see what is performing well and what isn’t, then make adjustments accordingly. Tracking results throughout the campaign allows you the opportunity to spend your money where it matters, instead of wasting it in areas where your paid search strategy is falling short.  


It’s not too late to begin thinking about your holiday paid search strategy! Call us at 214 Interactive in Plano, Texas today and let us formulate a plan that will make your 2018 holiday season the best yet. 


Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile


Yelp for Business Owners: New Feature Makes It Easier than Ever to Update Your Profile

Yelp is a great tool for businesses, as it’s yet another point of contact with your customers, providing ways to enhance the customer service experience and add useful content.

If you utilize other social media and review sites for your business – like Facebook, Google My Business, etc. – then it’s time to jump on and create a Yelp for Business Owners profile as well. In fact, Yelp has approx. 139 million unique users each month, so without a profile, you are missing a great opportunity to interact with your customers.

Already Have a Yelp for Business Owners Profile? 

Great! Then you’re going to love this new tool Yelp has unveiled! Businesses can now manage all users to their business profile from one login. No need to share your login with anyone in the company who needs to edit; you have the power to add/remove users to the account, creating a more streamlined experience for all involved. 

What Can the Users Do In the Account?

The users you add to the account act just as an admin with the ability to respond to reviews and other messages customers post, upload photos and content to your page, add/remove users, and update payment information in the account. You can have up to 15 unique users on the account and any business with fewer than 10 locations can get this setup with a few clicks in their Yelp for Business Owners profile. An email will be sent to you each time a change is made, so that it’s easy to see what other users are doing in your account. 

How Do I Invite Others to Manage My Yelp for Business Owners Profile?

1.    First, go to your Account Settings.

2.    Click User Management. (If you don’t see this, then visit this page for reference.)

3.    Select Invite a User.

4.    Add a Job Title for the user you are adding.

5.    Provide the email address where you want the invite to be sent.

6.    Grant access to the business locations that user can edit.

7.    Send your invite!

Want to learn more about Yelp for Business Owners? 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas specializes in social media marketing, online content creation, online reputation management, and helping your business navigate the digital space. Call us today to set up a consultation for how we can help your small business.  


PSA: It’s Time to Turn on Facebook Instant Replies


PSA: It’s Time to Turn on Facebook Instant Replies

Customer service continues to be a cornerstone of what sets good companies apart from great ones. And in a digital world, customers want to interact with your company at all times – day and night – through messages and posts via social media sites like Facebook. 

How does your business keep up? Here’s a PSA from 214 Interactive: It’s time to turn on the Facebook Instant Replies.

What are Facebook Instant Replies?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. When you set your Facebook business profile to provide instant replies, your customer will instantaneously here back from your company in some form or fashion, with a message you provide. The message may not be specifically tailored to their needs, but they will know that you care about their questions, concerns, and feedback, and what to continue the conversation.

What Should My Facebook Instant Reply Say?

Good question. Here are some guidelines for creating a Facebook Instant Reply:

·     Say Thank You: Sometimes, a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Just acknowledging that someone is heard and thanking them for taking the time to message you about their questions and concerns let’s them know that your business and feedback is important to you. It opens up the dialog before you can respond with a more personalized response. 

·     Manage Expectations: The last thing you want to do is provide an automated reply and then never respond personally! Provide a time table in your automated response for when they can expect a more personal response to their message.

·     Provide Other Modes of Contact: If your business is slow to respond to Facebook messages but you typically respond quickly to emails, let the customer know that. By providing another way to contact you, you are providing yet another touchpoint with your business.

·     Use the Away Message Features: If your account will not be managed for a few days, then it’s important to turn on the “away message” feature. This allows the customer to know that their message and time is important and you will respond promptly once you are back online.

Have questions about Facebook Instant Replies, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook business profiles, or anything social media related? 

214 Interactive has answers. Call us today to set up a consultation for your small business. We specialize in everything from social media marketing, to SEO, to online reputation management. 


Study Predicts Strong Holiday Season for Retailers


Study Predicts Strong Holiday Season for Retailers

Retailers can rejoice because it looks like it will be a Merry Christmas this year. 

According to a recent study by NetElixir, online holiday sales are expected to grow 15% over last year’s online holiday revenue numbers, outpacing growth that we’ve seen in the last few years. The 2017 holiday season was up 13% year-over-year, while 2016 saw 10% growth year-over-year.  

Why the Holiday Sales Growth?

So far for 2018, we’ve seen a strong economy. Unemployment is down, GDP is up, and wages are higher – all leading to high consumer confidence. Additionally, the back-to-school retail season was up and retail sales have been strong for the first half of the year. 

How Can Your Business Capitalize?

Want a piece of the pie? Here are a few tips from 214 Interactive - your holiday marketing resource - on how to get in on the action:

·     Start Planning Now: Experts expect to see an uptick in online holiday search beginning Oct. 20, so start planning your online strategy now. What digital advertising are you going to run? What will your social media outlets showcase? Make a game plan now, and reap the rewards. Key retail periods will likely be Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday, Green Monday (second Monday of Dec.), and a mobile surge just days before the holidays (12/18-12/21.

·     Optimize for Mobile: Mobile buying continues to increase, with a prediction that it will make up about 40% of online sales this year. If you haven’t already, optimize your website and shopping platforms for mobile.

·     Incorporate Video: Video continues to grow in popularity among millennials, so find ways to incorporate video marketing into your holiday marketing mix. 

If you need help formulating an online marketing strategy for the holiday season, call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today. Our team specializes in SEO, digital advertising, content creation, social media marketing, and more, and we’d love to help your company have the best holiday season yet!


How to Build a Successful Twitter Profile – 214 Interactive


How to Build a Successful Twitter Profile – 214 Interactive

Does it really matter what my Twitter profile looks like?

We get this question from clients a lot, and the simple answer is YES!

Every brand touchpoint – whether it’s your website, product packaging, emails, and of course social media outlets – should all feel like one cohesive brand. Everything should look, feel, and sound a certain way. Twitter is no exception. Here are 4 simple tips on how to build a successful Twitter profile that attracts others to your brand:


Step 1: Brand Your Profile

This of this as getting dressed. You want your profile to look like you and your brand. Start by incorporating a current profile pic of you wearing corporate attire or colors. Then, adjust the “theme color” and the “cover photo” to reflect your brand as well. The cover photo should feel like an ad of sorts that tells people something about you and your company. You can use Photoshop or free services like Canva to create a perfect cover photo. Again, the goal here is consistency. 


Step 2: Provide Relevant Content

Twitter is all about what you say, so make each post count! Appeal to potential customers by posting and retweeting relevant industry news and articles. This is also a great place to link content from your website’s blog (you do have one, right?). Not only does this provide great, original content to your audience, but it drives traffic to engage on your website as well. 


Step 3: Work at It Daily

Building a business is like working out. You gain more traction when you do it every day. Make time each day – maybe 15-30 minutes – to focus on your social media outlets like Twitter marketing and engage with your audience. Retweet, respond, and post to your hearts content. Each connection is building your brand. You can even schedule posts in advance so that they are equally spaced throughout the month without any additional work on your end. 


If you’re unsure on how to get your business noticed on Twitter or other social media outlets, call us at 214 Interactive today! We are a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas that specializes in social media marketing, content creation, SEO, and more. Let us get your brand where you want it to be! 



Why Google Posts are Your Key to Higher Foot Traffic


Why Google Posts are Your Key to Higher Foot Traffic

Labor Day and the holiday shopping season are right around the corner, and we know Americans spend big during these time periods. Want to learn the tips and tricks to get them to spend big with you?

Here’s one we recommend often at 214 Interactive: Google Posts.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are tied directly to your Google My Business profile. When a user searchers for “restaurant near me” and your business shows up in the search listings, it will show your business’s profile, along with any posts you have added. These posts are typically 100-300 words long, include a photo, and are a great way to add a call to action and entice potential customers to visit you over the competition. 

Why Google Posts?

·      Location Specific Content: We love Google Posts because it’s an easy way to customize content for various business locations. Are you offering a sale? Are there promotions at one location that don’t apply to others? Google Posts lets you make those distinctions with ease.

·      Capitalize on Local Intent to Buy: Approx. 1/3 of all mobile searches on Google relate to local content and location. So if your search listing shows up on a mobile device, you have a much higher chance of that person visiting your location and spending. 

·      Higher Search Rankings: The more clicks you get on your Google My Business profile, the higher your overall search engine ranking will be. So by adding interesting content that entices customers to learn more, you are essentially creating free advertising and boosting your rankings in the process. 

·      Call to Action Encourages Clickthrough: Unlike some traditional forms of advertising, Google My Business posts come with a call to action that boosts click rate. Examples of common calls to action are “learn more,” “sign-up,” buy now,” “reserve now,” and “book an appointment.”

If you want to learn more about how Google Posts can boost your sales this Labor Day and holiday shopping season, give us a call today at 214 Interactive – a digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. We’d love to help you get started!