Online Reputation Management: What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Positive Brand Image


Online Reputation Management: What You Can Do Now to Ensure a Positive Brand Image

The way your brand’s reputation is formed isn’t that different than how your own personal reputation is created.



That’s pretty easy to manage if just a few people are talking about you amongst themselves. However, in this day and age, your brand may have hundreds – even thousands – talking about your brand via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily. They are blogging about what they like/dislike about your brand. They are giving you “3 stars” on Yelp! (You get the idea.)

The only way to keep tabs on all that is being said about your brand – both positive and negative – is via a strategic plan for online reputation management. While we can’t address all brand touchpoints here, 214 Interactive has determined some of the key brand touchpoints and what you need to do to ensure a positive brand reputation:


Social Media

Let’s face it: the world revolves around social media. What was once a place to find old classmates is now a place for people to interact with brands 24/7. Have you noticed that Facebook now has star rating reviews? Followers can rate your business via Facebook and the world is watching.

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What to Do: Monitor your social media sites and be sure to respond to all reviews – positive and negative. Righting a wrong publicly can help build confidence in your brand. It’s also important to have a professional monitoring tool that will track what people are saying about you throughout social media.


Review Sites

When a potential customer visits review sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, they are looking for information on your brand because they’ve already decided they want to make a purchase.

This is good for you – if you have a good reputation.

What to Do: Again, monitoring is key. Use a professional online reputation management tool (214 Interactive can help with this!) to monitor all of the major review sites in one place. Be sure to keep tabs on listing information, photos, etc. to make sure they are all correct and appealing.

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Don’t forget bloggers as a key factor in online reputation. Potential customers are very loyal to the blogs they follow and consider them industry experts.  

What to Do: Find bloggers who are industry experts in your field and go to them! Arrange to write a guest blog, ask them to review product, or even pay them to write about your products. You’ll be seen as an industry expert as well.


Not sure where to start with online reputation management? Contact the online reputation management experts in Dallas, Texas – 214 Interactive! Our team will devise a plan to put your brand on top of the competition through online reputation management and content creation.


Register Now: HopeWorks Charity Golf Tournament


Register Now: HopeWorks Charity Golf Tournament

Looking for a great way to have some fun and support a worthy cause?

Then mark your calendar for the HopeWorks Drive Tourney on Wednesday, Oct. 18!


What is HopeWorks, Inc?

HopeWorks, Inc. – founded in 2001 – takes a unique approach to supporting the fight against breast cancer. Not a penny of the money donated to HopeWorks goes to political action groups, salaries, or even research. Our goal is to raise money for the hundreds of women across North Texas who find themselves battling breast cancer, all without the financial means to do so. Breast cancer can take a toll physically – and financially – and HopeWorks wants to bridge that gap. 1 in 8 women find themselves battling breast cancer, many of which can’t afford it. When you donate to HopeWorks, you can rest assured your money is going to those who need it most.


Support HopeWorks Through the 2017 Drive Tourney

The HopeWorks annual Drive Tourney has become one of our favorite events of the year, and we would love to see you there! 214 Interactive has already signed on as a Title Sponsor, and we encourage our friends, clients, and colleagues do the same!

The 2017 event takes place on Oct. 18 at beautiful Tribute at The Colony, a Scottish links-style course overlooking Lake Lewisville. The event opens at 11:30am, followed by lunch, a golf scramble, and then an awards ceremony complete with dinner, raffle, silent auction, prizes, and more. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Whether you want to sign-up to play in the tournament or learn more about the potential sponsorship opportunities, full registration details can be found here

Come rain or shine, 214 Interactive will be there, and we hope to see you too! Register today for the HopeWorks Drive Tourney and support the fight against breast cancer! 



Stop Making these Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Now

Understanding online advertising, social media advertising, and specifically Facebook advertising can be tricky. It’s easy to just spend some money and hope for the best.

Most small businesses operate this way, and it’s time to stop. Let’s start thinking strategically. Are you making any of these common Facebook ad mistakes?


Mistake #1: Ignoring Your Leads

Many times, small businesses spend a little money on ads, don’t see a huge increase in revenue, and assume it didn’t work. The more important question is – did you capture any leads? Research shows that people rarely buy products and services from first encounters with a brand. They need to learn to trust and like your brand before they’ll spend money with you.

Want a way to get over this hurdle fast? Use a tripwire. A tripwire is a special deal, discount, or promotion – think deep discounts here – that you’ll give to someone in exchange for their email address/contact information. Now you’ve made a moderate sale (revenue) and you can keep in contact with the person with hopes of future sales (lead generation).


Mistake #2: Targeting the Wrong Audience

Facebook ads are pretty cool because they are full customizable to the target audience of your choice. Play around with different audiences and see who responds best to the tripwire offer. Want to know if it’s working? If 6-10% of your targeted leads are responding, then you know you have the right audience. If not, keep adjusting until you find the right fit.


Mistake #3: Believing a Lack of Revenue from Ads is All Bad News

As we just explained, a lack of revenue from your Facebook ads directly is not necessarily a bad thing. Crunch the numbers and make sure that you are at least breaking even on the cost you are spending on leads vs. the revenue they are bringing in. Remember that the real profit will come when those nurtured leads get to know your brand and spend more money down the road.


Need help navigating Facebook ads and social media advertising in general? As a leading Dallas digital advertising agency, 214 Interactive has you covered. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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Optimize your Google My Business Profile with Google Posts


Optimize your Google My Business Profile with Google Posts

At 214 Interactive, we’ve shared a lot about the value of a Google My Business profile and optimizing that to maximize leads.

If you’ve been using this platform– and you are doing your business a disservice if you aren’t! - then you will be even more excited about Google’s latest addition to Google My Business: Google Posts.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are your way of adding pertinent information for potential customers right there in the search results. When your business pops up in the maps view or in search view, any Google Posts will also show up without the user needing to click on anything.

How Should I Use Google Posts?

Let’s just go ahead and call Google Posts your own free digital advertising. Google Posts allow up to 300 words, photos, event titles and dates, and even an opportunity for a call to action for someone to “reserve now,” “buy,” “learn more,” “sign up,” or “get offer.”

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?! With all these features, consider using it for the following:

·      Inviting potential customers to an upcoming event

·      Advertising daily promotions, sales, or discount offers

·      Showcasing new products

·      Encouraging customers to sign-up to receive newsletters or emails

Google Posts remain up for one week, but Google will alert you on day 6 that the post will be expiring, giving you the opportunity to update or repost as desired.

Here is an example of how Google Posts appear:


Interested in learning more about how Google My Business and Google Posts can benefit your small business? Want to brainstorm potential Google Posts for your profile? Call us at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today and let’s chat!

214 Interactive is a leading Dallas digital advertising agency with expertise in social marketing, online advertising, online content creation, search engine optimization, and all things digital. 


5 Ways to Take Your Social Media Visuals to the Next Level


5 Ways to Take Your Social Media Visuals to the Next Level

These days, social marketing is an integral part of any digital advertising strategy. And with so much content for a potential customer to sift through, the necessity for powerful content increases.


So it begs the question – how do I make my company stand out from the clutter?

Two words: Iconic Visuals

Want to take your social media visuals to the next level? Take these 5 cues from 214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas:


1.   Color Choice

There’s a reason there are so many filter options on Instagram! Color is powerful, and the colors chosen can create eye-catching content. In fact, a recent study shows that within 90 seconds a person as made up their mind about a person, brand, or product – and 62-90% of that decision is based purely on color. Pick colors for your visuals that tell a story.


2.   Typography

Adding text to your photos or visuals can work to maximize it’s appeal. Generally speaking, web images should be in a sans-serif font and be sized to highlight your photo seamlessly. Kerning and leading helps everything to harmonize and choose 3 fonts maximum.


3.   Be Consistent

Just like any branding message, the message you put out via social media should be consistent – and so should your visuals. Use the value of repetition to build a look that is distinctively yours, showcasing the same color scheme, fonts, and logos throughout your communication. Over time, followers will instantly recognize the visual and relate it back to your product or service.


4.   Add Balance

This one can be tricky but is an important aesthetic to your eye. When taking photos, play around with spacing of the objects – and later text – to balance everything visually. And balance doesn’t necessarily mean everything is symmetrical. Balance can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, or even crystallographic (think patterns).


5.   Layer with Contrast

Contrast is an important concept in photography, and it is important in helping your social media visuals stand out as well. Contrast can be added with varying colors (light/dark), shapes, or even sizes.


Need help creating compelling social media visuals that stand out from the clutter?


214 Interactive specializes in social marketing, social branding, digital content creation, and so much more. Call us today for a consultation and learn how we can help grow your business!


Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:


Let an Influencer Sell Your Brand. Here’s How:

First and foremost, you may be thinking to yourself, “okay, what is an influencer?”

Let’s just get that out of the way, shall we. An influencer is anyone with a large following on social media who influences others through their posts. They may influence people to think a certain way, buy a certain product, or visit a specific place.

Partnering with these influencers – termed influencer marketing - can be huge in terms of gaining brand awareness and increasing sales. In fact, a recent Twitter survey found that people trust influencers they follow on social media (49%) almost as much as they trust their friends (57%)!

So how do you capitalize on the value influencer marketing? Here are 5 tips to getting influencers to sell your brand:


Find the Right Influencers

Start by finding like-minded folks with a strong social media presence. Video content and YouTube continue to grow and many YouTube personalities have millions of followers. Look for influencers on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter who have the same target demographic as your goods or services.


Gift them some Product

This one is a no brainer. Once you’ve identified influencers who are influencing your target market, sending products out to influencers in hopes that they will try them and recommend them via social content is an easy way to spread your message. While not all of your gifts will translate to content or endorsements, you can expect that some will create increased brand awareness.


Sponsor a Post

Instead of just sending product for free and wondering if you will receive content from it, you can send product to an influencer and pay them to review your product or service. Sure, there are requirements that they have to mention it’s a sponsored post, but the content and opinion is still the influencer’s and followers are paying attention.


Create a Giveaway

Influencers love giving away free stuff, so another alternative to gifting product is to partner with an influencer to set up a giveaway. Find a product or service that the influencer’s followers – aka your target market – are excited about. Not only will this build brand awareness, but it creates buzz as well.


Write a Guest Post

Want to show your audience that you are an industry expert? Ask desirable influencers if they are open to guests posts via their social media accounts. If your potential customers see that the influencer trusts your opinion, they will likely follow suit.


Want more ideas on how to use influencer marketing to your advantage? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today! Social marketing, influencer marketing, and all things digital are our expertise and we’d love to help you build your business. 


How to Improve Your “Near Me” Search Results


How to Improve Your “Near Me” Search Results

More and more, consumers are using their smartphones to find businesses that are “near them” when on vacation, traveling to another city, or just looking for products and services in their own backyard.


In fact, “near me” searches can expect a 50% success rate in getting a store visit within 24 hours!


So how do you improve your “near me” search result ranking? Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your online reputation management and search engine optimization in Dallas:


1.  Create Consistent Business Listings

As 214 Interactive has told you before, having a completed Google My Business profile is huge in terms of increasing search engine rankings. Next, make sure that all of your listings – Google, other industry websites, your website, etc. – all have the exact same information in terms of address and phone number. Consistency is key when it comes to moving up the Google Near Me search listings, not to mention, helpful to any potential customers looking for your business.


2.  Ask for Reviews

Reviews – particularly Google reviews – are one of the leading factors when it comes to search engine optimization in Dallas. And since researchers have shown that most reviews are positive, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more! Use your social platforms, email list, and in-store opportunities to get customers to talk about their experience.


3.  Respond to Those Reviews Quickly

If for some reason you do receive a negative review here or there, make sure to respond quickly, as this will have an effect on your “near me” search rankings. Handling a review quickly and efficiently shows other potential customers that you are serious about a positive customer service experience and research shows that 95% of negative reviewers will give you another try if their complaint is resolved effectively.


4.  Build a Mobile Website

Google’s “near me” rankings system plays favorites with those who have mobile-friendly websites, so make sure you are a mobile version as well. And since 80% of consumers are searching for businesses near them on a smartphone, having a mobile site is just good business.


Ready to have a team dedicated to your search engine optimization and online reputation? Let Dallas’s premier digital advertising agency - 214 Interactive - handle all of your online marketing needs.