3 of the Best Uses for Facebook Lead Ads


3 of the Best Uses for Facebook Lead Ads

All Facebook ads are created equal – right?!


Actually, Facebook offers different types of ads that can achieve different results.

One type of ad that we highly recommend to our clients at 214 Interactive is the Facebook lead ad. Facebook lead ads in Dallas are different than normal ads because they allow you to capture additional lead information about your prospective customers. The ads pop up as normal, and when the customer clicks, it asked for more information, based on your criteria. Here are 3 of the best uses for Facebook lead ads:


1.   Expand Your Customer Database

One of the best ways to use Facebook lead ads is to add new prospective customers to your database to receive newsletters and further communication from your company. It’s easy! Simply ask customers to “sign-up to learn more” or “subscribe now.” You’ll be impressed at how quickly your database grows.


2.   Run Insider Deals

Want to receive a special deal or promotion? Then submit your information here!

It’s one of the easiest ways to garner new contacts and stay in touch with future offers. In addition to asking people to submit their information in exchange for a deal, you can ask them questions about what products they are interested in, zip code, etc.


3.   Tailor Information to Specific Customers

Facebook lead ads give you a chance to learn more about the specific products and services a person might be interested in purchasing. Once you have that information, it is much easier to customize a marketing message specifically to them. You might also ask how often they’d like to hear from your business, and then send them insider information on the products they like.

These are just 3 of the many uses for Facebook lead ads. Give 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas a call today to learn more about how we can tailor Facebook leads ads to grow your business. 


Bring in More Business this Holiday Season with Facebook Ads – and Here’s How


Bring in More Business this Holiday Season with Facebook Ads – and Here’s How

While there are lots of different ways to reach potential customers this holiday season, Facebook advertising in Dallas is one that should definitely be a part of your digital media mix.

If you are considering purchasing some Facebook ads for your small business (and you should!), here are a few tips on how to maximize your return on investment:


Zero in on Your Target Audience

One thing we love about Facebook ads is the ability to truly customize the target audience. Facebook allows the ability to hone in on potential customers based on where they live, age, gender, interests, demographic information, and more. At 214 Interactive, we recommend zeroing in on one or two factors that would create the broadest reach among potential customers, as it keeps costs down and increases visibility.


Create a Call to Action

What do you want your customers to do when they see the ad? Should they visit your site to buy now because you are running an amazing deal? Or do they need to click to learn more about your new products? Or maybe sign-up for more information? Determine what message you want to communicate during your holiday Facebook ads, and then use that message consistently across all advertising so that it’s clear what the customer should do when they see the ad.


Experiment with Photos and Video

The great thing about Facebook ads is almost instantaneous data on what is working and what is not. Run ads with different photos and videos, and then see what is working – and what is not. You may choose to eliminate the ads that are underperforming, and boost the buy for those that are effective.


Pair with Paid Search Advertising

214 Interactive specializes in search engine optimization, and we’ve seen Facebook ads thrive when paired with paid search advertising. Not only does it supplement the Facebook ad campaign, but it generally increases clickthrough rates and conversion rates.


Ready to purchase some Facebook ads today? Call 214 Interactive – a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas – today and let us guide you through the process! We’ll do all the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is sit back and watch the results happen. 


Now is the Time to Place Your Holiday Ads!


Now is the Time to Place Your Holiday Ads!

Here’s a thought: this is one time of year when people are actually interested in paying attention to your advertising message. They want to make purchases, but is your brand visible?


If you haven’t placed digital ads for the holiday season yet, NOW is the time to get that done!

And it goes beyond the static web ad; Facebook ads, paid search on Google, programmatic digital ads, and more are all important parts of getting your message out there during the holiday season. Here are a few other tips from us at 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas to make the most of your holiday advertising:


One Campaign; Multiple Messages

Don’t just run the same ads throughout the entire season, so that you can prevent ad fatigue. Sure you want all of your ads to look and feel the same, but refresh and customize them at least twice to reflect your current sales and promotions. Events like Black Friday are a great time to add a customized advertising message.


Invest in your Repeat Customers

As the saying goes, “it’s easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one.” Determine who your repeat customers are and offer specialized promotions and advertising for them. Loyalty programs are a great promotion here, and a way to make your customers feel special and appreciated.


Optimize for Mobile

More and more shoppers are using their mobile device to find products, and most often, those using a mobile have different immediate needs, and maybe even demographics, than those on a desktop computer. Tailor mobile device advertising to that group who may be looking for directions to a brick-and-mortar location, in-store coupons and discounts, etc.


Incorporate Video

Video continues to reel in customers, and research has proven that those who watch product videos are nearly twice as likely to purchase than those who did not view the video. That’s huge! Use your social media accounts to showcase your products and services through video and watch your sales increase in the process.


Overwhelmed with where to start on holiday digital advertising? Call us at 214 Interactive today and let us put together a customized digital approach that will make this holiday season the most profitable yet!



4 Video Marketing Stats that Might Surprise You

What was once an optional part of your marketing strategy is now a necessity.

Video marketing has continued to grow, as customers spend more time online engaging with brands they are interested in and the production costs for making a video have decreased dramatically.

If you’re on the fence and still not sure if video marketing is right for your business, here are 4 video marketing stats that might surprise you:

Consumers Spend Nearly 90% More Time on Sites that Have Video

Want consumers to engage with your brand? Then put some videos on your website or social media pages! Video is a great way for potential customers to learn more about your brand, see in-depth product demonstrations, and gain depth on what your company is all about. 


A Video on Your Landing Page can Make your Site over 50% More Likely to Be on Page 1 of Google Search Results

If getting to the top of the search engine rankings is important to your business (and chances are it is!), then video is a great way to influence the Google search algorithms. Statistics are showing that websites with video on the landing page are seeing pretty big jumps in search rankings.


A Facebook Video has 135% More Reach than a Photo

Social media outlets are the perfect place for video content. In fact, stats are showing that as consumers watch more video, they are more likely to share videos that they found interesting, helping, engaging, etc. – so much so that they are getting more broad, organic reach than the standard photo posted.


Intent to Purchase Jumps Up 97% when a Consumer Watches Video

Research is showing over and over again than consumers who engage with your brand on a regular basis – particularly through video – will be more likely to purchase something from your company when the need/want arises.

The research is pretty clear: now is the time to devise a video marketing strategy!

If you’re unsure about where to begin, call us at 214 Interactive, a top digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas. We specialize in video marketing, video marketing strategy, social media marketing, and all things digital.

video marketing.png


Google Search: You May be Surprised to Learn How it Works


Google Search: You May be Surprised to Learn How it Works

As anyone can tell you, Google is a well-oiled machine.

With over 3.5 billion searches made on Google a day, the company has spent years analyzing data and creating search engine algorithms that will blow your mind.

As a business owner, you’re wondering, “what do I do to move up in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs)? Where do I start?”

At 214 Interactive, we make it our business to stay up on what it takes to move up the ranks of Google search. Let’s begin by taking a look at how Google Search works:


Google Searches are Personalized to You

Did you know that each Google search is personalized to you? This means that just because a website shows up in the first page of your search results, it may not necessarily show up on the first page of search results for other people. This is important to note since SERPs may change based on geographic location, the user’s search history, etc. Your company’s website needs to be optimized so that it shows favorably in results for people you want to reach.


Google Changes its Algorithm at Least Once a Day

Just when you think you’ve figured Google out, they go and make another change to their algorithm. In fact, Google modifies its algorithm at least once a day! Google usually announces these changes in batches, so it’s important to be working with a search engine optimization company that can help you keep up with these changes.


Google Needs to Trust You

Want to move up in the ranks of Google search? Then Google needs to trust you. Website age is one of the biggest factors when it comes to Google’s trust. And then there is the factor of stability. Do you have a Google company profile set up? Building Google’s trust can be a slow-but-rewarding process, and you’ll need a knowledgable digital agency by your side to guide you through.


Google Values Quality Content

Again, this can’t be built overnight, but website depth and content quality is important when it comes to a high ranking in Google search. An ongoing track record of engaging, meaningful content on your site will do wonders for your ranking.


If Google search engine optimization seems like a lot of work, let our team at 214 Interactive help! As a leading digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to increase visibility for your business by putting together a strategic plan to help you move up the search rankings. Give us a call today to get started!


3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews


3 Positive Ways to Respond to Negative Reviews

Your business just received a negative review – now what?!

Don’t panic. When you own a business, negative reviews are bound to happen. Use the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive with these 3 online reputation management tips from 214 Interactive:


Say I’m Sorry

This is difficult at times, especially when you don’t feel like your team did anything wrong. Regardless, take ownership for the situation, saying something like, “It is our goal to provide the best customer service at all times, and we apologize that your needs were not met.” Sometimes just telling someone you are sorry – instead of arguing with them and pointing out their fault in the situation – can go a long way to restoring the customer experience.


Give a Quick Response

The longer a negative review sits there unanswered by your company, the more damage it can do to your brand. Providing excellent customer service means that you respond to these reviews quickly, showing the customer that you value their business and their opinion.

No time to keep up with when reviews are posted? 214 Interactive can help with our online reputation management monitoring that will track all activity in relation to your brand and let you know the minute something is posted.


Continue the Conversation Offline

If someone provides feedback on an experience that needs more personalized assistance, encourage the reviewer to make contact offline to continue the conversation. Keep online feedback brief and to the point, but in-depth conversations can be handled by a manager offline and will likely further satisfy the complaint.


Need help managing negative reviews? 214 Interactive – a leading digital advertising agency in Dallas, Texas - has the tools to make it a breeze! Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with everything you need to protect your brand’s online reputation.


Automotive Advertising: Take Your Ads to the Next Level with Dynamic Remarketing from 214 Interactive


Automotive Advertising: Take Your Ads to the Next Level with Dynamic Remarketing from 214 Interactive

What if we told you there was a way to customize an online ad to an online shopper in real time?


What if that ad was tailored to include products and current pricing for vehicles the online shopper recently reviewed?


Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?


That is exactly what dynamic remarketing ads from 214 Interactive gives you.


Dynamic remarketing (or dynamic retargeting as it’s sometimes called) is an advertising technique that pulls in actual products – with actual pricing – and puts those in ads in real time. In the automotive world, that’s cars or trucks that your potential buyers have recently viewed, paired alongside current promotions and pricing. Here’s why it’s so effective:


Attention Grabbing Ads Sell Cars

With static advertising, the online shopper may not even glance over at the ad that has just popped up on their screen because it could be irrelevant. Maybe it’s “Truck Month” so all of the trucks are on sale and all of your online advertising is geared toward sharing this announcement; however, your potential customer has been viewing compact cars exclusively. Your ad just missed the mark. Dynamic remarketing plugs real data and reminds the shopper about something they were interested in – possibly with an offer they can’t pass up.

dymanic retargeting #2.png
dynamic remarketing ads dallas texas 214 interactive

Increased Engagement Converts to Sales

The more time an online shopper spends browsing your site, the higher potential you have of converting a sale. Remind them to come back and shop some more with dynamic remarketing that is custom tailored to their needs and wants. Not only will we show them deals on vehicles they browsed, but we’ll show them similar vehicles that might also be of interest.

dynamic remarketing ads dallas texas 214 interactive

Interested in what dynamic remarketing ads can do for your automotive business? Call 214 Interactive in Dallas, Texas today to set up a consultation! We’d love to hear about your business and show you how we’ve helped other car dealerships increase leads, web traffic, and sales.